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2021 Parents Knowledge of Sex Education on Early Childhood: The Feasibility for Parenting
Sexuality has become the most avoided topic in eastern education. Nevertheless, this topic is necessary to ensure children’s understanding and knowledge of sexuality. This study aims to perceive parents’ knowledge of sex education in early childhood. This study is a preliminary study conducted to develop a parenting program and was conducted in Kupang, Indonesia with 225 respondents. The result shows that most respondents (72%) have adequate knowledge of sex education, 20 percent have good knowledge, and only the remaining 8 percent have no adequate knowledge. This indicates that the feasibility of adding sex education in early childhood is good.
The International Journal of Early Childhood Learning 28 (1), 29, 2021
2021 Developing Management Functions in Integrated Pesantren: A Case Study Islamic Boarding School
This study aims to describe the implementation of management functions of PondokPesantrenTahfizhPutri (PPTP) at one of the Islamic Boarding School in East Java Indonesia. The Education system integrated with the formal school. The subject of this study are 17 participants. The research method used a qualitative descriptive approach as guidance so that the research focus to describe research's form question or problem identification. Result of the research show that the planning function in its management has long-term planning in vision, mission, and objectives of the foundation. Besides, the organizing function related to the organizational structure.
Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) 12 (3 …, 2021
2021 Implementation of The International Chamber of Ship Guidance For Ship Operators For The Safety of The Health Seafarers in The New Normal Age
The impact of Covid-19 has threatened various aspects of life, including sailors. Various regulations have been issued to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on ships, such as Sea Transportation Circular Letter No: SE. 11 of 2020, Circular Letter No. 4202/Add. 4 International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Circular Letter No. 4202/Add. 3 World Health Organization (WHO), and Circular Letter No. 202/Add. 2 WHO-IMO Joint Statement. The problems faced by seafarers with the existence of this regulation include the difficulty of ships entering the port, delays in issuing shipping approval lines and even the effects of these port entry restrictions or port closure causing crew changes to be prohibited. Based on the background of the problems mentioned above, The study aims at the introduction, in the new standard era and the solution to the problems of development of international Council of Ships Advice to Ship Safety …
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 750 (1), 012021, 2021
2021 Ethnoscience-based science learning in elementary schools
Indonesia is rich in cultures encompassing the understanding of various values that must be learned by students. Learning based on a cultural perspective relating to natural phenomena in life is called ethnoscience. Surabaya as a metropolitan city has various cultures including Remo dance, batik, rujak cingur, lontong balap, fish preservation, and semanggi. There are many scientific concepts that can be explored through these cultures. This study aimed to explore scientific concepts through these cultures in elementary schools. This study used descriptive research design with transformative, verification, and knowledge conceptualization stages. Results showed that many scientific concepts extracted from ethnoscience, for instance in rujak cingur, were related to the concepts of friction force, healthy food, and physical and chemical changes. With ethnoscience-based science learning, students are expected to …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012055, 2021
2021 Analysis of the use of mathematic animation video as a line learning alternative to learning motivation
The purpose of this study was to determine the use of mathematical animated videos on student learning motivation in online learning. The research method uses qualitative, data collection techniques consisting of interviews and questionnaires. Interviews were conducted with teachers and questionnaires were given to grade III students at Al Islah Elementary School with 31 students through Google documents, interview results, and questionnaires were analyzed using word decryption. The results of this study 95% of students liked online learning using mathematical video animation and made it easier for them to understand the learning material. According to the teacher at Al Islah Elementary School, he acknowledged that using animated videos while learning mathematics can mature students' understanding of the learning process.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012040, 2021
2021 Ethnomathematics on Surabaya Regional song notation
Music correlates to mathematics in the form of pattern concepts, formulas, and calculations that can be used as variations of ethnomathematics-based learning. One of the mathematics learning's goals, according to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), is a cultural purpose. This research aims to describe the results of mathematical element analysis in Surabaya regional songs. The research method used was qualitatively descriptive. The data sources used in this study were researchers, literatures, and field practitioners. Data collection techniques used were interviews and documentation studies. The documentation study was carried out by making a literature assessment corresponding to the required data. The data analysis technique used was Miles and Huberman's models encompassing data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing stages. The results of study showed that …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012043, 2021
2021 Edu-Game media based on Android to learn Least Common Multiplication (LCM) and Great Common Divisor (GCD) for the 4th graders
Learning mathematics for elementary school students is often considered a creepy thing. Some of the tricks that can be used to remove this paradigm is the use of learning media that are attractive to students, one of which is the edu-game media based on android along with current technological developments. This development research developed the edu-game media based on android which aims to: describe the process of developing the edu-game media based on android to learn LCM and GCD for the 4 th graders and (2) analyze the feasibility level of the edu-game media based on android to learn LCM and GCD for the 4 th graders. The trial subjects of this study were the 4 th graders of Laboratory Unesa Elementary School Surabaya and Geluran 1 Elementary School Taman Sidoarjo. The model used in this research is Plomp's development model. From this research, the results obtained from the material …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012042, 2021
2021 In-service teachers’ perception on implementing realistic mathematics education approach in their best practices
This paper aims to portray elementary teachers' perception of implementing the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach in their best practice after training in a series of RME workshops. The perceptions captured in the study include (1) teachers' confidence in understanding RME and its implementation in their best practices;(2) RME criteria, which teachers found most challenging during the planning and the implementation. The subject of this study is 296 elementary teachers who have attended the training. The workshop series provided RME materials, simulation during the workshop, implementation in teachers' best practices, and the workshop to discuss their experience. There are two findings in this study. Firstly, most teachers have a better understanding of RME characteristics. However, most teacher believe that the RME approach can be applied most mathematical topics. They felt confident in …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012022, 2021
2020 The Influence Computer Based Training Utilization of Learning Outcomes of Solid State Electronics Viewed from Different Learning Style
Experimental learning method offers more experience and knowledge for learners. This research aims to determine the influence of computer based training utilizzation on learning outcomes of solid state electronics viewed from different learning style. Computer Based Training (CBT) is part of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), which is learning by using computer aids, such as for presentations as teaching aids and so on. CBT, which refers to Electronics WorkBench (EWB) is a category of software tools that can be used to simulate the workings of an electronic circuit both analog and digital. learning style is the way individuals begin to concentrate on, process, internalize, and remember new and difficult academic information or skill. Using CBT on experimental learning with different learning style could result on different learning outcomes. This research used quantitative approach in quasi-experimental frame. In …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1594 (1), 012008, 2020
2020 Development of moodle-based content learning system in MKDK student development subjects at LPTK in Indonesia
Learning in the industrial revolution era 4.0 and the Covid 19 pandemic period shifted towards digital and online learning. This research aims to analyze the Basic Educational Course (MKDK) elearning product for Student Development that was developed. The method used is mixed method research, qualitative and quantitative mixture. The development of e-learning products uses the Borg and Gall method, while validity and practicality are carried out by questionnaire analysis to respondents online. The instruments for product development and testing have been declared valid by Expert, both in content, design and IT. Based on data from respondents (n= 40), MKDK e-learning products have a high acceptability (3.84) and are appropriate to use. From the aspect of e-learning that was examined, the material portion or content substance had the highest yield, 4,215. Meanwhile, the evaluation aspect received the …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1594 (1), 012021, 2020