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2020 Determinants of sustainable supply chain performance: The role of corporate entrepreneurship in indecision textile companies
International Journal of Supply Chain Management 9, 106-12, 2020
2020 The development of a theory book and practice manual for solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) counseling
This development research adapted the Borg and Gall’s model (1983) with the primary objective to develop and test the effectiveness of the product. Products that were developed on this study, including (1) SFBT counselling theory books;(2) SFBT counselling practise manuals; and (3) SFBT counselling competency measurement instruments. The rationale for developing this product is based on several reasons including (1) empirically SFBT is effective in overcoming psychological problems;(2) SFBT can be used as an alternative method of counselling to overcome students' psychological problems;(3) School counsellors need to master SFBT counselling competencies adequately; and (4) the limited sources of theoretical reference books and SFBT counselling practice manuals that can be used as learning materials for increasing SFBT counselling competence. This study was done in three stages, which included predevelopment, development, and post-development. The first year of research focused on pre-development and development. The postdevelopment stage in the form of product effectiveness testing is carried out in the second year. The preliminary stage has been carried out in a preliminary study, in the form of a theory book content framework, a framework for the contents of the SFBT counselling practice manual, and the SFBT counselling competency instrument. At the development stage, the product has been developed and product validation by experts and users. Based on expert validation and user validation, it was concluded that the development research products which included SFBT theory books. SFBT practice manuals …
International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 13 (2), 421-434, 2020
2019 Sorghum-Based Alternative Food Industry: Entrepreneurship High Education
The purpose of the research was for university entrepreneurship education by examining the development of sorghum-based food industry to support food security. The method used quantitative and qualitative research (natural setting) with data collection techniques in the form of observation, interviews and documentation, after the data collected is then analyzed by stages of reduction, display and verification. Observations cover various aspects of developing the sorghum-based food industry, the stages of university entrepreneurship education. and advanced statistical analysis. The results showed: 1) university entrepreneurship education which is a sustainable teaching and learning activity includes educational programs in entrepreneurship classes, learning processes, student responses, and results from entrepreneurial student profiles; 2) Selection of sorghum-based entrepreneurship materials including grain 100%, rice 70%, flour 70%, soft brand 10%, and brand 20%; 3) entrepreneurial products are food products (various cakes with sorghum flour 20-50%, bakery with sorghum flour 20-30%, and cookies with sorghum flour 75-100%), functional drinks with sorghum rice 100%, and various fermentation products (“tempe” with sorghum rice 100% and “tape” with sorghum rice 100%); 4) Industrial of sorghum based includes product, business analysis, market opening, and infrastructure development; 5) industrial of food sorghum based as alternative food can support food security.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and …, 2019
2019 The Effectiveness of Brief Ego State Cognitive Behavior Counseling to Reduce PTSD Symptoms in Victims of Natural Disasters in Central Sulawesi
Natural disasters in Sigi and Donggala, Central Sulawesi, have caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in disaster victims. People who experience PTSD respond to traumatic events experienced with fear and despair, they will continue to remember the event and always try to avoid things that can remind them of that event. Starting from the problem was initiated a counseling that comprehensively is able to construct past events more positively and arouses the courage of the counselee to face the present and future reality more adaptively, the counseling called BESCB. The objective of this research is to study the efficacy of counseling of BESCB to reduce PTSD in victims of natural disasters. In this study used an experimental research design with pretest-posttest control group design. The subjects of this study were 45 victims of disasters in Palu and Donggala. The instrument used was Modified PTSD …
2019 5th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET), 131-134, 2019
2019 Development of Online Project Based Learning Models
Learning patterns require synergy with technology. In the era of disruption of online-based learning answers the challenges of the time, learning without being bound by space, distance and time that requires the active role of students in the learning process itself. Integrating project-based learning models and online learning methods, the purpose of this research is to produce an Online Project Based Learning model in the subject of Graphic Media Development that has feasibility aspects for students of Educational Technology. This research is a development research using the development model of Borg and Gall which has ten steps. The results of this study indicate that the Online Project Based Learning model has been validated by learning design experts and material experts. Learning design experts and material experts have assessed and stated that this model is feasible. Thus, it can be concluded that the …
2019 5th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET), 127-130, 2019
2019 Design Science Education for Student with Special Needs Use Learning Management System Platform Moodle
The fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) has changed education for the future. Education 4.0 indicated is disruption in science education for student with special needs to prepare graduates for work achieved and future life. The aim of this research was how to design science education for student with special needs use learning management system platform Moodle. The research design was analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating (ADDIE) models. A website platform Moodle was designed to accommodate the requirements of the course and all the instructional materials were uploaded to the website. This program was implemented by college students at second year special students. The result of first phase is analysis about a gap of student performance, courses objective, student characteristics, resources identification, the drive of courses, and material base on LMS platform Moodle. The …
2019 5th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET), 94-97, 2019
2018 Using Social Exchange Theory To Describe Cooperation Partnership Strategy Between Vocational High School With Business/Industrial World
International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET) 9 (8 …, 2018
2018 False Color Photography Effect using Hoya UV&IR Cut Filters Feature White Balance
The research inspired by modification DSLR camera become False Color Photography effect. False Color Photography is a technique to give results like near-infrared. Infrared photography engages capturing invisible light to produces a striking image. The objective of this research to know the effect by change a digital single-lens reflex (D-SLR) camera to be false color. The assumption adds a filter and make minor adjustments or can modify the camera permanently by removing the hot mirror. This experiment confirms change usual hot mirror to Hoya UV&IR Cut Filter in front of sensor CMOS. The result is false color effect using feature Auto White Balance such as the color of object photography change into reddish, purplish, old effect, in a pint of fact the skin of model object seems to be smoother according to White Balance level. The implication this study to get more various effect in photography.
MATEC Web of Conferences 197, 15008, 2018
2017 Design and development virtual reality athletic—Virtual imagery to train sprinter's concentration
Sports activities are getting more and more attention from both government and society. In the athletics sport, in addition to agility and good ability, an athlete must have a strong mentality. Mental of the athlete is very critical on its performance. Most successful athletes achieve their peak achievement of 60% to 90% influenced by mental factors and the ability of athletes to master their psychological state, One of the elements of psychology that greatly affect is the concentration. Not a few athletes who have low concentration power, so it takes practice to improve the power of concentration. Therefore, the research is useful to help runners or athletes in training the power of concentration by utilizing virtual reality technology. We develop a training system for athletes by utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) that calculates head movement as concentration measurement. This system consists of VR hardware and VR environment …
2017 International Electronics Symposium on Knowledge Creation and …, 2017
2017 A comparative study of teacher's opinions relating to inclusive classrooms in Indonesia and Thailand
This research compared the work and opinions of regular school teachers teaching in inclusive classrooms in Indonesia and Thailand. These teachers were drawn from schools participating in an in-service training program to enhance the capacity of students with special needs in regular classrooms. A sample of 172 teachers in primary schools in Thailand and 165 from Indonesia answered a questionnaire based on Friedmen's concept of teacher burnout. Eighty percent of the Thai teachers had bachelor's degrees, but only 1 percent were in special education, whereas 77 percent of the Indonesian teachers had bachelor's degrees and 13 percent were in special education. Teachers' opinions on four areas were investigated: inclusion, support from various parties, work environment, and exhaustion. There was no correlation between background variables and teachers' exhaustion and fulfillment. There was a …
Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences 38 (3), 291-296, 2017