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2021 The Implementation of CBT to Reduce Hyperactive Behaviors among Adolescents with ADHD.
Adolescents with ADHD need serious handling to reduce their hyperactive Behavior. One strategy that is alleged to reduce this behavior is by implementing Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the implementation of CBT and to analyze the effectiveness of CBT in reducing hyperactive behavior of adolescents with ADHD in Inclusive Junior High Schools. The implementation of this research used a pre-experimental research design with the One Group Pre-Test Post-Test research design by using the Vanderbilt ADHD Rating Scale behavior check instrument which is adopted by considering Indonesian language and culture. The subjects in this study were 3 adolescents with ADHD who had a level of activity representing the mild, moderate, and severe levels. The time used was 5 meeting sessions with a time allocation of 2× 30 minutes for each meeting. The results showed that there is an effect of the implementation of CBT in reducing the hyperactive behavior of adolescents with ADHD at Inclusive Junior High School.
International Journal of Online & Biomedical Engineering 17 (12), 2021
2021 Fun and the benefits of Sign Supported Big Books in mainstream Indonesian kindergartens
Inclusive kindergarten provision remains relatively rare in Indonesia. This article indicates factors that contribute to this situation (stigmatisation, lack of resources and training) and reports on an approach to begin to address it. Sign Supported Big Books were evaluated in mainstream kindergartens (i.e. classes without children with special educational needs) as a way of enhancing their inclusive affordances. These books used Signalong Indonesia, a keyword signing approach, to support whole class stories with 76 children in five kindergarten classes. Four classes used books with signs and one used a book without signs as part of their everyday activities. Five teacher interviews suggested that the approach enhanced pupils’ engagement and was enjoyable and fun for pupils and teachers alike. There were also positive effects for children's story comprehension and sign learning. The findings of this study support …
International Journal of Early Years Education, 1-15, 2021
2021 Collaborative Problem-Solving Based on Mobile Multimedia.
The development of mobile technology has an important role to play in achieving 21st-century skills. Collaborative skills and problem-solving are seen as fundamental skills for achieving 21st-century skills as a whole. This study aims to develop collaborative problem-solving based on mobile multimedia (CPMM) to achieve student collaborative and problem-solving skills. Multimedia development life cycle (MDLC) is used as a research method to develop CPMM. The CPMM was developed by involving 100 students at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya, Indonesia. The CPMM development result consisted of three main features. The first feature was the homepage which was used to show student profiles and progress in the course. The second feature was collaborative to become a forum for students to discuss and interact in multi-way mobile ways to solve problems. The third feature was evaluation as tasks from a lecturer to individual students to solve problems. In addition, the study results showed that CPMM was valid and effective for improving students' collaborative and problem-solving skills. This study recommends that CPMM can be used as an essential study and the basis for lecturers and practitioners to develop 21stcentury student skills as a whole (not only collaborative and problem-solving skills) to produce graduates who are ready to face the revolutionary era 4.0.
International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies 15 (13), 2021
2021 The Accessible IT for the Courses on the Special Education Undergraduate Program.
Students can learn through printed teaching materials, audio and video programs, weblogs, and or other media based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Yet, educators still play an essential role in designing every learning activity. This research aims to produce a prototype of the product development of accessible IT teaching materials for Special Education undergraduate program students. This research applied the ADDEM design model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Deliver, Evaluate, and Maintenance). Results were gathered by examining the feasibility on aspects of efficacy and practicality of the developed product. Data were analyzed quantitatively by looking at the results of the validity and practicality test. The results of the validity test from the validators showed that all of the assessment items got a good rating of 3.0, in contrast the results of the practicality test, which was done by undergraduate students showed that there was an improvement on the score of the
World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues 13 (1), 96-105, 2021
2020 The Effects of Intelligence, Emotional, Spiritual and Adversity Quotient on the Graduates Quality in Surabaya Shipping Polytechnic.
This research aims to analyze the effects of intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient, and adversity quotient on the graduates quality of vocational higher education. Data were collected from 217 cadets at Surabaya Shipping Polytechnic who already took an internship as respondents using stratified cluster random technique. This is a correlational and quantitative study using a questionnaire developed from several existing scales and analyzed using Structural Equation Models (SEM) to determine the path of effects and to create the best structural model of intelligence-based graduates quality (IESA-Q). The results indicate that there are direct and indirect effects of intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient, and adversity quotient on graduates quality, meaning that each quotient has a positive effect on graduate's quality. The process to create the professional and ethical quality of Surabaya Shipping Polytechnic graduate is dominated by
European Journal of Educational Research 9 (3), 1075-1087, 2020
2020 The effect of project-based learning assisted pangtus on creative thinking ability in higher education
This study aims to determine the effect of Project Based Learning Assisted PANGTUS media on statistics and probability courses on students' creative thinking abilities. The design of this study is true experimental design. All external variables that influence the experiment can be controlled through this design. The design used was a pretest-posttest control group design. The experimental group is the group that gets the application of Project Based Learning Assisted PANGTUS, while the control group is the group that gets guided discovery learning. To find out the differences between the experimental group and the control group, the two groups were given a pretest. Pretest results are said to be good if the value of the experimental group did not differ significantly from the control group. Based on the results of statistical tests show that:(1) the Project Based Learning Assisted PANGTUS model can effectively improve …
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 15 (11 …, 2020
2020 E-learning development for special education postgraduate students
The specific purpose of this study is to report the process of developing e-learning course on motion-building and mobility for students’ learning at the postgraduate of special education study program. This research was conducted to measure the e-learning capability on motion-building and mobility courses, which were applied through expert validation tests by using instruments in conducting assessments. Whereas the test users are the postgraduate students of special education study program by using the instrument in conducting assessment. The blended learning model of motion-building and mobility courses is designed and packaged offline in online textbooks of motion-building for blind children and motion therapy of cerebral palsy children. Based on the process of assessing the feasibility of the product’s validity and practicality, the product validity test results from the validator on all assessment items get a …
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 15 (14 …, 2020
2019 Local wisdom behind traditions in Madura District Indonesia
The aim of the study is to investigate local wisdom behind traditions in Madura district Indonesia via ground theory with literature study. As a result, peace and conflict prevention will be more felt when local wisdom is supported, facilitated, and assisted by the role of the state and government. But local wisdom has not yet been fully accommodated by the government as an authorized party or from public awareness itself. In conclusion, there are one or two traditions found that can be at the root of the conflict, such as the existence of carok in Madura.
Opción: Revista de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, 2965, 2019
2019 Character education: Gender differences in moral knowing, moral feeling, and moral action in elementary schools in Indonesia
The aim of this study is to determine differences in character education between male and female students with a theoretical foundation from Lickona, which emphasizes three components in character education, namely moral knowing, moral feeling, and moral action. This study adopted a survey method approach, which was one of the quantitative research methods with explanatory research methods. Data were collected through questionnaires in this study, which were developed based on Lickona's theory. The survey carried out to 219 males and 263 females from 482 students at two selected elementary schools precisely at the sixth grade in 16 sub-districts of Bangkalan District, Indonesia. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS. The results showed that there were differences in character education between men and women.
Journal for the Education of Gifted Young Scientists 7 (3), 547-556, 2019
2018 The Involvement of Informal Sector Workers In Society Learning Activities at Kampung Inggris Pare Kediri
The purpose of this research is to describe and analyze the involvement process of informal sector workers as learning society at Kampung Inggris Pare Kediri. Learning society is an entire society that develops organizational and organizational structures to guide learning opportunities which is also relevant to all members of the community. The research approach is qualitative – descriptive approach. Data collection techniques used in this study include participant observation, interview, and documentation techniques. Data analysis performed is: 1) Compilation 2) Disassembly, 3) Reordering 4) Interpreting and 5) drawing conclusion checking the validity of the data which is done using credibility, transferability, and confirmability. The results obtained shows that the involvement of informal sector workers in the activities of learning society at Kampung Inggris is influenced by high motivation, the desire to maintain social status, the presence of habituation process, apply strict rules and educating each other. The Involvement of Informal sector workers in learning society activities makes the best-selling product, which is to build social intelligence so as to have a positive impact and also the impact of economic improvement.
Journal of Social Studies Education Research 9 (3), 132-144, 2018