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2021 Analysis of the use of mathematic animation video as a line learning alternative to learning motivation
The purpose of this study was to determine the use of mathematical animated videos on student learning motivation in online learning. The research method uses qualitative, data collection techniques consisting of interviews and questionnaires. Interviews were conducted with teachers and questionnaires were given to grade III students at Al Islah Elementary School with 31 students through Google documents, interview results, and questionnaires were analyzed using word decryption. The results of this study 95% of students liked online learning using mathematical video animation and made it easier for them to understand the learning material. According to the teacher at Al Islah Elementary School, he acknowledged that using animated videos while learning mathematics can mature students' understanding of the learning process.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012040, 2021
2021 Ethnomathematics on Surabaya Regional song notation
Music correlates to mathematics in the form of pattern concepts, formulas, and calculations that can be used as variations of ethnomathematics-based learning. One of the mathematics learning's goals, according to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), is a cultural purpose. This research aims to describe the results of mathematical element analysis in Surabaya regional songs. The research method used was qualitatively descriptive. The data sources used in this study were researchers, literatures, and field practitioners. Data collection techniques used were interviews and documentation studies. The documentation study was carried out by making a literature assessment corresponding to the required data. The data analysis technique used was Miles and Huberman's models encompassing data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing stages. The results of study showed that …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012043, 2021
2021 Edu-Game media based on Android to learn Least Common Multiplication (LCM) and Great Common Divisor (GCD) for the 4th graders
Learning mathematics for elementary school students is often considered a creepy thing. Some of the tricks that can be used to remove this paradigm is the use of learning media that are attractive to students, one of which is the edu-game media based on android along with current technological developments. This development research developed the edu-game media based on android which aims to: describe the process of developing the edu-game media based on android to learn LCM and GCD for the 4 th graders and (2) analyze the feasibility level of the edu-game media based on android to learn LCM and GCD for the 4 th graders. The trial subjects of this study were the 4 th graders of Laboratory Unesa Elementary School Surabaya and Geluran 1 Elementary School Taman Sidoarjo. The model used in this research is Plomp's development model. From this research, the results obtained from the material …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012042, 2021
2021 In-service teachers’ perception on implementing realistic mathematics education approach in their best practices
This paper aims to portray elementary teachers' perception of implementing the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach in their best practice after training in a series of RME workshops. The perceptions captured in the study include (1) teachers' confidence in understanding RME and its implementation in their best practices;(2) RME criteria, which teachers found most challenging during the planning and the implementation. The subject of this study is 296 elementary teachers who have attended the training. The workshop series provided RME materials, simulation during the workshop, implementation in teachers' best practices, and the workshop to discuss their experience. There are two findings in this study. Firstly, most teachers have a better understanding of RME characteristics. However, most teacher believe that the RME approach can be applied most mathematical topics. They felt confident in …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012022, 2021
Based on the Curriculum 2013, which applied in Indonesia since 2013, the Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) Department as an institution to product the elementary school teachers need to adjust their course materials with the goal of students have the competence as a candidate for a ready-made education in the field. One of the specific objectives of this research is to design Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Materials Indonesian Education in Beginning Elementary School Course at the PGSD Department. This research was conducted by three stages, namely (1) the analysis of material needs Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Course Materials Indonesian Classroom Education Elementary School Early on PGSD Programs;(2) designing an Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Materials Indonesian Education in Beginning Elementary School Course at the PGSD Programs; and (3) test efektivity Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Materials Indonesian Education in Beginning Elementary School Course at the PGSD Department. Data collection techniques include:(1) observation,(2) tests,(3) Distribution of the questionnaire, and (4) Interview. The research instrument consisted of:(1) Test,(2) Observation Sheet,(3) Questionnaire, and (4) Interview Guidelines. Data from this study were Analyzed by descriptive statistics, such as (1) Analysis of Test and (2) Observation Results Data Analysis. The result of this research is description the needs analysis Integrated Collaborative …
Man In India 96 (11), 4715-4727, 0
2021 Effectiveness of Using Gebar Modules (the Movement of Line Marching) for Students in Elementary School.
One innovation that can be developed based on the problem learning angle created is the movement of line marching skills as learning media alternatives for students. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of using the Gebar Modules. The sample comprised 30 students from grades 4A and 4B who were randomly selected with one-group pre-test-post-test design. The result showed that the designed module is feasible to use. First, the data show that the N-gain coefficient is 0.77, which indicates the module's effectiveness on student-learning outcomes. Another data collection showed that 82% of the students could use a bow properly and 62% of the students can perform drill movements with the appropriate rules. In conclusion, this module makes students not only observe the things that shape the angle but also those that give them an angular shape by themselves so the material is etched deeper in their memory.
Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences 16 (3), 1052-1064, 2021
2019 Transformation of research education at elementary school mathematics in the industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 has brought change to all fields. This includes mathematics education, especially at the level of elementary education. The changes that took place in the era of the fourth industrial revolution demanded transformation in the field of research| education at elementary mathematics education. The
Int. J. Innovation, Creativity Change 5 (5), 1-10, 2019
2010 Birthday Cake Activity Structured Arrangement for Helping Children Determining Quantities.
Few researches have been concerned about relation between children's spatial thinking and number sense. Narrowing for this small research, we focused on one component of spatial thinking, that is structuring objects, and one component of number senses, that is cardinality by determining quantities. This study focused on a design research that was conducted in Indonesia in which we investigated pre-school children's (between 2 and 3.5 years old) ability in making structured arrangement and their ability to determine the quantities by looking at the arrangements. The result shows us that some of the children were able to make such arrangement. However, the children found difficulties either to determine quantities from those arrangements or to compare some structures to easily recognize number of objects.
Indonesian Mathematical Society Journal on Mathematics Education 1 (1), 53-70, 2010
2023 Implementasi Gerakan Literasi Melalui Pembiasaan Membaca Pada Siswa SD SEGUGUS II AIMAS
The aims of this study was to conduct a literacy campaign in a second group of Idolmaster primary schools and to identify factors that hinder and support literacy campaigns. A descriptive qualitative survey was used as the survey form. The subjects of this study were students, principals, and reachers. The data collection methods used by the researchers were observations, interviews, and recordings. Data analysis techniques use Miles and Huberman's qualitative models to reduce, present and draw conclusions from data. It was found that the implementation of the Seggas II Idolmaster Primary School Literacy Campaign is still in the stage of specialization or familiarization. Interviews and observations by researchers confirm this.
EDUKASIA: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran 4 (1), 189-196, 2023
2023 Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Program Xaverius Learning Center untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Sekolah Dasar
Tujuan penelitian ini menjelaskan kevalidan, kepraktisan dan keefektifan produk media pembelajaran program XLC untuk siswa kelas III SDK Xaverius Surabaya. Jenis penelitian ini merupakan Research and Development (R&D) dengan model Dick and Carry. Instrumen menggunakan angket validasi dan kepraktisan, observasi, dan tes hasil belajar. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan validasi ahli materi/isi memperoleh 92%, validasi komponen penyajian 90%, validasi komponen kebahasaan 89% dan validasi komponen kegrafikan memperoleh 90% sehingga kevalidan media pembelajaran program XLC kriteria sangat baik. Kepraktisan dari hasil observasi siswa mendapatkan skor 86% dan observasi guru mendapatkan skor 94% sehingga dapat dikategorikan sangat baik. Hasil angket respon siswa pada uji coba perorangan memperoleh 84%, uji coba kelompok kecil 86%, uji coba lapangan 86% dan angket …