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2018 Measuring psychometric properties of the Indonesian version of the NoMoPhobia Questionnaire (NMPQ): Insight from Rasch measurement tool
Mobile phone and human interaction can be a problematic mental health issue for individuals. Several studies have developed the instruments and/or psychologist scale to identify these problems. This study was designed to translated and validate by measuring psychometric properties of NoMoPhobia Questionnaire (NMPQ) on Indonesian version. The study used survey method and collected from March to May 2018 and involved 520 Indonesian participants. In this study Rasch Model was used to measure the psychometrics properties of the 20 items of the Indonesian version of NMPQ. The results of this study showed that the Indonesian version of NMPQ fulfilled by evidence as a valid and robust research instrument because of its psychometric properties and internal consistencies. The implications of this research NMPQ can be accepted by the researchers for data collection or information linked to the problem …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1114 (1), 012127, 2018
2022 Low Self-Esteem, Coping Stress, Emotional Regulation, and Coping Stress Significantly Increase Self-Injury in Students
Self-injury in students should be avoided. As a foundation for developing a self-injury prevention program, it is vital to identify the elements that induce self-injury. This study aims to assess the effect of self-esteem, coping with stress, emotional regulation, and self-compassion on self-injury, as well as the coefficient of determination and regression model. The study included forty junior high school students who had self-injured. Various scales were tested, including the self-esteem scale, coping stress scale, emotion regulation scale, self-compassion scale, and self-injury scale. A multiple regression test was used to analyze the data with SPSS 26. Self-esteem (X1), coping stress (X2), emotional control (X3), and self-compassion (X4) all contributed 65.5 percent to self-injury (Y). School counselors must enhance self-esteem, coping with stress, emotional regulation, and self-compassion in students to prevent self-injury.
Revista de Psicología del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology) 31 (2), 285-296, 2022
2021 Development of the Psychoeducation Model to Decrease Academic Stress When Learning from Home (LFH).
This study aimed to develop and test the acceptability and effectiveness of the psychoeducation model to decrease academic stress when learning from home (LFH). This research used a development research design, with two main objectives: developing the product and testing the effectiveness of the product. The instruments used were questionnaires on rating scales about aspects of product utility, feasibility, accuracy and also stress academic scale. Data analysis was carried out quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitative data were analysed by descriptive statistical analysis, while qualitative data in the form of comments, suggestions and criticisms were analysed qualitatively. Based on the data analysis, it can be concluded that the psychoeducation model developed fulfils the acceptability criteria which includes utility, feasibility and accuracy. The developed psychoeducation model is effective in reducing academic stress among college students when LFH.
Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences 16 (4), 1492-1502, 2021
2020 Development of Online Learning for Undergraduate Guidance and Counseling Students
Blended learning is a combination of learning face to face, computer (offline), and internet-based learning (online). The main purpose of blended learning is to provide opportunities for a variety of students to learn independently, sustainably, and mature, so that learning will be more effective, more efficient, and more interesting. The development model used in the process of developing blended learning in the guidance and counselling profession course is the ADDIE model. The steps of developing this model include:(1) Analysis,(2) Design,(3) Development,(4) Implementation,(5) Evaluation. The development phase that has been carried out includes analysis, design, development and implementation. The results of expert tests obtained P= 97.5%. The interpretation criteria included
International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 5 (5), 623-634, 2020
The developmental period of junior high school students has various kinds of dynamics, influences from colleagues, family environment and school environment. Some of the phenomena that occur are the emergence of anxiety, stress, depression and other mental disorders. Such conditions are common in junior high school students, so they need to be given education and understanding through counseling services so that they can be anticipated properly and reach the stages of development properly. Seeing these conditions, the counseling teacher needs to pay attention to the psychological aspects of students so that negative things don't happen, so they need to be given education about the importance of maintaining students' mental health. The concept of psychological well-being is one way out to provide students with an understanding of how important it is to have good mental health so that education about psychological well-being of students is felt to be important to be given to BK SMP teachers in Sidoarjo
Transformasi dan Inovasi: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat 3 (1), 40-43, 2023
2022 Keefektifan Video Panduan Pengelolaan Emosi Orang Tua Bekerja dalam menghadapi “Study From Home” di Masa Pandemi Covid-19
Penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh adanya keresahan para orang tua sejak diberlakukannya social distancing yang mengakibatkan adanya kebijakan bekerja dari rumah dan belajar dirumah. Tidak semua orang tua memiliki keterampilan mengajar dan pengetahuan yang utuh terhadap materi pembelajaran putra putrinya. Sehingga yang muncul adalah kecemasan terhadap tugas, kecewa terhadap kondisi, menyalahkan sekolah/guru dalam pengerjaan tugas siswa, marah ketika anak tidak bisa mengerjakan, dan lain sebagainya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji keefektifan media video panduan model pengelolaan emosi orang tua bekerja sehingga diharapkan dapat mengurangi dampak stress yang dialami orang tua dengan cara melakukan pengelolaan emosi yang baik. Metode penelitian yang digunakan pre eksperimen yang dilakukan pada 57 orang tua bekerja yang memiliki anak dengan status …
KOPASTA: Journal of the Counseling Guidance Study Program 9 (1), 1-10, 2022
2022 Pengembangan teknik cognitive reappraisal bermuatan nilai rukun dalam budaya jawa untuk mengurangi emosi yang menyebabkan perilaku bullying siswa
RINGKASAN Christiana Elisabeth 2022. Pengembangan Teknik Cognitive Reappraisal Bermuatan Nilai Rukun dalam Budaya Jawa untuk Mengurangi Emosi yang Menyebabkan Perilaku Bullying Siswa Disertasi Program Studi Bimbingan dan Konseling Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Malang. Pembimbing (I) Prof. Dr.Nur Hidayah M.Pd (II) Dr. Blasius Boli Lasan M.Pd (III) Prof.Dr. Im. Hambali M.Pd. Kata Kunci teknik cognitive reappraisal nilai rukun dalam budaya Jawa bullying siswa Meningkatnya bullying terjadi karena individu yang terbiasa menyaksikan cara kekerasan sebagai penyelesaian masalah. Artinya mereka memandang kekerasan sebagai cara penyelesaian. Hal tersebut menunjukkan bahwa individu tersebut tidak mampu mengendalikan emosinya dengan baik. Emosi dapat diregulasi pada saat sebelum terjadinya respon emosi atau sesudah munculnya respon emosi. Regulasi emosi dapat dilakukan dengan pendekatan kognitif dan perilaku. Pendekatan kognitif menjelaskan bahwa emosi yang dirasakan individu merupakan hasil dari perilaku terhadap situasi yang dihadapinya. Kognisi adalah keyakinan seseorang tentang sesuatu yang didapatkan dari proses berpikir tentang seseorang atau sesuatu. Remaja yang emosinya belum matang atau rendah dapat memunculkan perilaku bullying karena remaja tersebut tidak mampu mengontrol emosinya dengan baik. Perlu upaya untuk mengubah cara berpikir tentang situasi yang dapat berpotensi akan memunculkan emosi sehingga mampu mengubah pengaruh emosionalnya. Muatan nilai rukun dalam budaya Jawa mengajarkan kepada siswa agar terbiasa dalam …
Universitas Negeri Malang, 2022
2022 The Effectiveness of Classical Tutoring Services Using Cinematherapy Techniques In An Effort To Provide Information Regarding Early Marriage To Students of SDN Duren Probolinggo
This study aims to find out how effective classical guidance services are in providing information regarding early marriage to students of SD Negeri Duren, Probolinggo Regency. This research is a pre-experimental research, with one group pre-test–post-test design. Test the hypothesis using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test with the help of IBM SPSS statistics 25 for windows. Based on data analysis, the results obtained sig. 2 tailed by 0.012 which is less than 0.05. So it can be concluded that the hypothesis is accepted, that is, there is a difference in the use of the Classical Guidance service model with Cinematherapy techniques for SD Negeri Duren students in increasing information about the phenomenon of early marriage. This study shows that the use of the Classical Guidance service model with Cinematherapy techniques effective in increasing understanding of the phenomenon of early marriage in SD Negeri Duren, Probolinggo Regency.
Child Education Journal 4 (3), 211-223, 2022
2022 Pengembangan Bibliokonseling untuk Meningkatkan Efikasi Diri Akademik
Mahasiswa diharapkan mempunyai efikasi-diri (akademik) yang tinggi dalam menyelesaikan tugas akademik. Ragam efikasi diri salah satunya adalah efikasi-diri akademik. Penelitian ini bertujuan: 1) menghasilkan desain pengembangan bibliokonseling; 2) mengetahui respon mahasiswa setelah menggunakan bibliokonseling terhadap efikasi diri akademik. Metode penelitian yang digunakan penelitian dan pengembangan Bentuk penelitian yang digunakan penelitian dan pengembangan (research and Development). Tahapan penelitian dan pengembangan mengikuti tahapan desain model ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, dan Evaluate) yang berorientasi pada system. Temuan penelitian desain model ADDIE sistematis dan sistemik, setiap tahap ada kegiatan evaluasi dan revisi untuk penyempurnaan produk biblokonseling efikasi diri akademik. Untuk pembakuan produk melalui uji coba ahli …
JBKI (Jurnal Bimbingan Konseling Indonesia) 7 (1), 44-54, 2022
2022 The Differences of Self Regulated Learning in Senior High Schools Students in Terms of Gender and Class Specialization
This research aims to examine methodologically and empirically the differences in the level of self-regulated learning of senior high school students in science class and Social class, seen from a gender perspective. The research variable consisted of:(a) the level of self-regulated learning,(b) class specialization, and (c) gender that was measured using modified Likert scale and using self-regulated learning level. This research is quantitative. The population is the second-year students of SMA Negeri 1 Menganti Gresik. The research sample obtained is 80 samples consisting of 40 samples from 20 males and 20 females of Natural science class, and 40 samples from 20 males and 20 females of Social science class. The data analysis used the two-way ANOVA technique. ANOVA test using the help of a computer program (SPSS19. 0forwindows) is used to test two variables or more and determine whether the two variances are the same or not. After conducting the different tests using two-way ANOVA with the help of SPSS 19.0, the research results gained average Natural science class and Social science class of 103.21. The results showed that the Natural science class and Social science class students were seen from the gender.
Proceeding Series of International Conference on Arts and Humanities 1 (2), 2022