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2020 The Influence Computer Based Training Utilization of Learning Outcomes of Solid State Electronics Viewed from Different Learning Style
Experimental learning method offers more experience and knowledge for learners. This research aims to determine the influence of computer based training utilizzation on learning outcomes of solid state electronics viewed from different learning style. Computer Based Training (CBT) is part of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), which is learning by using computer aids, such as for presentations as teaching aids and so on. CBT, which refers to Electronics WorkBench (EWB) is a category of software tools that can be used to simulate the workings of an electronic circuit both analog and digital. learning style is the way individuals begin to concentrate on, process, internalize, and remember new and difficult academic information or skill. Using CBT on experimental learning with different learning style could result on different learning outcomes. This research used quantitative approach in quasi-experimental frame. In …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1594 (1), 012008, 2020
2019 How the teacher’s teaching is? the guided-inquiry-worksheets to enhance science process skills
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1175 (1), 012136, 2019
2015 The pedagogic beliefs of Indonesian teachers in inclusive schools
This research explores, for the first time, the pedagogical orientations of Indonesian teachers in the context of inclusive education. A mixed-method approach was used for an analysis of questionnaire data from 140 teachers and qualitative interviews from 20 teachers in four inclusive schools. The findings suggest that, in general, the implicit orientation of teachers is social constructivist. This orientation is also reflected in their reported classroom practices. Although less common, more directive pedagogical approaches appear to have an impact upon the flexibility of roles within two teacher inclusive classrooms. Whilst the number of disabled pupils within each class was a significant issue for interviewees, no pupils were deemed unteachable in their classrooms. Furthermore, what is described by the teachers as a “special pedagogy” typically entailed additional teaching time and modified assessments, and …
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education 62 (5), 469-485, 2015
2021 Fun and the benefits of Sign Supported Big Books in mainstream Indonesian kindergartens
Inclusive kindergarten provision remains relatively rare in Indonesia. This article indicates factors that contribute to this situation (stigmatisation, lack of resources and training) and reports on an approach to begin to address it. Sign Supported Big Books were evaluated in mainstream kindergartens (i.e. classes without children with special educational needs) as a way of enhancing their inclusive affordances. These books used Signalong Indonesia, a keyword signing approach, to support whole class stories with 76 children in five kindergarten classes. Four classes used books with signs and one used a book without signs as part of their everyday activities. Five teacher interviews suggested that the approach enhanced pupils’ engagement and was enjoyable and fun for pupils and teachers alike. There were also positive effects for children's story comprehension and sign learning. The findings of this study support …
International Journal of Early Years Education, 1-15, 2021
2021 The Accessible IT for the Courses on the Special Education Undergraduate Program.
Students can learn through printed teaching materials, audio and video programs, weblogs, and or other media based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Yet, educators still play an essential role in designing every learning activity. This research aims to produce a prototype of the product development of accessible IT teaching materials for Special Education undergraduate program students. This research applied the ADDEM design model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Deliver, Evaluate, and Maintenance). Results were gathered by examining the feasibility on aspects of efficacy and practicality of the developed product. Data were analyzed quantitatively by looking at the results of the validity and practicality test. The results of the validity test from the validators showed that all of the assessment items got a good rating of 3.0, in contrast the results of the practicality test, which was done by undergraduate students showed that there was an improvement on the score of the
World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues 13 (1), 96-105, 2021
2020 E-learning development for special education postgraduate students
The specific purpose of this study is to report the process of developing e-learning course on motion-building and mobility for students’ learning at the postgraduate of special education study program. This research was conducted to measure the e-learning capability on motion-building and mobility courses, which were applied through expert validation tests by using instruments in conducting assessments. Whereas the test users are the postgraduate students of special education study program by using the instrument in conducting assessment. The blended learning model of motion-building and mobility courses is designed and packaged offline in online textbooks of motion-building for blind children and motion therapy of cerebral palsy children. Based on the process of assessing the feasibility of the product’s validity and practicality, the product validity test results from the validator on all assessment items get a …
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 15 (14 …, 2020
2014 Teachers' attitudes to signing for children with severe learning disabilities in Indonesia
The Indonesian education system is striving for an inclusive approach and techniques are needed which can support children with severe learning disabilities and their peers in this context. Manually signed language has proved useful both in supporting the development and empowerment of children with severe learning disabilities and supporting inclusive educational practices. The development of an Indonesian signed language approach for this purpose is therefore argued to be an appropriate goal. There is evidence that the use of signed language within classrooms is significantly influenced by teacher attitudes and beliefs. This paper examines the attitudes towards such an approach based on semi-structured interviews with 20 teachers in 7 schools in East Java and questionnaire responses from 69 teachers and educational professionals more widely located across Indonesia. The results suggest that …
International Journal of Inclusive Education 18 (11), 1143-1161, 2014
2018 Developing Signalong Indonesia: issues of happiness and pedagogy, training and stigmatisation
Signalong Indonesia (SI), a key word signing approach, was created to support the development of Indonesian inclusive schools. A mixed methods approach collected data about teacher’s beliefs and experiences regarding SI from the first two schools to pilot it. Thirty-two teachers completed questionnaires, followed by interviews with nine teachers. Three themes emerged: understanding the nature of SI, the stigmatisation of signers and its reporting by teachers, and the nature of happiness in inclusive pedagogy. The latter reveals, for the first time, the importance of Suka as a culturally mediated intrinsic part of Indonesian inclusive pedagogy. The findings suggest recommendations about SI materials and training, and indicate a new research area regarding inclusive pedagogies within different cultures.
International Journal of Inclusive Education 22 (5), 543-559, 2018
2020 Using Electronic Design Automation and Guided Inquiry Learning Model in Higher Engineering Education
Electronic design automation software is a part of software learning. This study uses digital electronic circuit design software as learning media, namely, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), in the form of simulations and a guided inquiry learning model in higher engineering education. The device is a type of multimedia, because it involves graphics, animation, and text as external data. The software facilitates the learning process of cadets using the guided inquiry learning model. Given its accessibility, mobile learning has its own advantages. This study uses quantitative data with a type of quasi-experimental research. The sample consists of 100 cadets in the engineering study program. Results show that the model can improve the learning process of cadets in the air digital engineering program subject, in which the implementation of the model has been integrated into a special theme from the test scores and results of cadets. An effect is observed on the use of the EDA and guided inquiry model to the learning outcome and motivation of cadets in engineering education. The researchers concluded that the implementation of EDA and the guided inquiry model are effective. In addition, it provides benefits for practitioners and educators in improving the learning outcomes and motivation of cadets in engineering education.
Universal Journal of Educational Research 8 (7), 2946-2953, 2020
2019 Design Science Education for Student with Special Needs Use Learning Management System Platform Moodle
The fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) has changed education for the future. Education 4.0 indicated is disruption in science education for student with special needs to prepare graduates for work achieved and future life. The aim of this research was how to design science education for student with special needs use learning management system platform Moodle. The research design was analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating (ADDIE) models. A website platform Moodle was designed to accommodate the requirements of the course and all the instructional materials were uploaded to the website. This program was implemented by college students at second year special students. The result of first phase is analysis about a gap of student performance, courses objective, student characteristics, resources identification, the drive of courses, and material base on LMS platform Moodle. The …
2019 5th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET), 94-97, 2019