Publikasi S1 Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar

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2021 Ethnoscience-based science learning in elementary schools
Indonesia is rich in cultures encompassing the understanding of various values that must be learned by students. Learning based on a cultural perspective relating to natural phenomena in life is called ethnoscience. Surabaya as a metropolitan city has various cultures including Remo dance, batik, rujak cingur, lontong balap, fish preservation, and semanggi. There are many scientific concepts that can be explored through these cultures. This study aimed to explore scientific concepts through these cultures in elementary schools. This study used descriptive research design with transformative, verification, and knowledge conceptualization stages. Results showed that many scientific concepts extracted from ethnoscience, for instance in rujak cingur, were related to the concepts of friction force, healthy food, and physical and chemical changes. With ethnoscience-based science learning, students are expected to …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012055, 2021
2021 Analysis of the use of mathematic animation video as a line learning alternative to learning motivation
The purpose of this study was to determine the use of mathematical animated videos on student learning motivation in online learning. The research method uses qualitative, data collection techniques consisting of interviews and questionnaires. Interviews were conducted with teachers and questionnaires were given to grade III students at Al Islah Elementary School with 31 students through Google documents, interview results, and questionnaires were analyzed using word decryption. The results of this study 95% of students liked online learning using mathematical video animation and made it easier for them to understand the learning material. According to the teacher at Al Islah Elementary School, he acknowledged that using animated videos while learning mathematics can mature students' understanding of the learning process.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012040, 2021
2021 Ethnomathematics on Surabaya Regional song notation
Music correlates to mathematics in the form of pattern concepts, formulas, and calculations that can be used as variations of ethnomathematics-based learning. One of the mathematics learning's goals, according to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), is a cultural purpose. This research aims to describe the results of mathematical element analysis in Surabaya regional songs. The research method used was qualitatively descriptive. The data sources used in this study were researchers, literatures, and field practitioners. Data collection techniques used were interviews and documentation studies. The documentation study was carried out by making a literature assessment corresponding to the required data. The data analysis technique used was Miles and Huberman's models encompassing data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing stages. The results of study showed that …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012043, 2021
2021 Edu-Game media based on Android to learn Least Common Multiplication (LCM) and Great Common Divisor (GCD) for the 4th graders
Learning mathematics for elementary school students is often considered a creepy thing. Some of the tricks that can be used to remove this paradigm is the use of learning media that are attractive to students, one of which is the edu-game media based on android along with current technological developments. This development research developed the edu-game media based on android which aims to: describe the process of developing the edu-game media based on android to learn LCM and GCD for the 4 th graders and (2) analyze the feasibility level of the edu-game media based on android to learn LCM and GCD for the 4 th graders. The trial subjects of this study were the 4 th graders of Laboratory Unesa Elementary School Surabaya and Geluran 1 Elementary School Taman Sidoarjo. The model used in this research is Plomp's development model. From this research, the results obtained from the material …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012042, 2021
2021 In-service teachers’ perception on implementing realistic mathematics education approach in their best practices
This paper aims to portray elementary teachers' perception of implementing the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach in their best practice after training in a series of RME workshops. The perceptions captured in the study include (1) teachers' confidence in understanding RME and its implementation in their best practices;(2) RME criteria, which teachers found most challenging during the planning and the implementation. The subject of this study is 296 elementary teachers who have attended the training. The workshop series provided RME materials, simulation during the workshop, implementation in teachers' best practices, and the workshop to discuss their experience. There are two findings in this study. Firstly, most teachers have a better understanding of RME characteristics. However, most teacher believe that the RME approach can be applied most mathematical topics. They felt confident in …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1987 (1), 012022, 2021
2018 Improving science process skills for primary school students through 5E instructional model-based learning
The main objective of this study is to describe the effectiveness of 5E instructional model-based learning to improve primary school students' science process skills. The science process skills is important for students as it is the foundation for enhancing the mastery of concepts and thinking skills needed in the 21 st century. The design of this study was experimental involving one group pre-test and post-test design. The result of this study shows that (1) the implementation of learning in both of classes, IVA and IVB, show that the percentage of learning implementation increased which indicates a better quality of learning and (2) the percentage of students' science process skills test results on the aspects of observing, formulating hypotheses, determining variable, interpreting data and communicating increased as well.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 947 (1), 012021, 2018
2021 Effectiveness of Using Gebar Modules (the Movement of Line Marching) for Students in Elementary School.
One innovation that can be developed based on the problem learning angle created is the movement of line marching skills as learning media alternatives for students. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of using the Gebar Modules. The sample comprised 30 students from grades 4A and 4B who were randomly selected with one-group pre-test-post-test design. The result showed that the designed module is feasible to use. First, the data show that the N-gain coefficient is 0.77, which indicates the module's effectiveness on student-learning outcomes. Another data collection showed that 82% of the students could use a bow properly and 62% of the students can perform drill movements with the appropriate rules. In conclusion, this module makes students not only observe the things that shape the angle but also those that give them an angular shape by themselves so the material is etched deeper in their memory.
Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences 16 (3), 1052-1064, 2021
Kegiatan bercerita di lingkup pendidikan anak usia dini kerap dijadikan sebagai metode pembelajaran bagi guru untuk menyampaikan suatu materi tertentu. Bercerita dapat menjadi sebuah upaya untuk mengembangkan kemampuan literasi pada anak, didukung dengan karakteristik anak usia dini yang lebih sensitive dengan imajinasi dari pada materi yang membuat mereka fokus. Terdapat beberapa hal yang harus diperhatikan ketika bercerita mulai dari lingkungan belajar, situasi hati anak, kondisi lingkungan untuk belkajar dan salah satunya yaitu pemilihan media pembelajaran yang digunakan. Namun, masih sering ditemukan Guru di wilayah Waru, kabupaten Sidoarjo yang belum memperhatikan pemilihan media yang tepat untuk bercerita secara klasikal. Maka TIM PKM memberi solusi berupa pelatihan read aloud yang dilaksanakan dengan media BIG BOOK Kalender Meja. Tujuan pengabdian ini adalah untuk meningkatkan kemampuan guru TK dalam melakukan kegiatan bercerita khususnya read aloud, juga untuk memudahkan para guru dalam pembelajaran literasi anak usia dini. Sasaran dari kegiatan pelatihan read aloud ini adalah guru TK gugus 5 Waru yang berjumlahkan 6 lembaga dibawah naungan IGTKI Kecamatan Waru, Sidoarjo. Program PKM ini memiliki tiga tahap yaitu persiapan, pelaksanaan, dan akhir. Laporan program pengabdian kepada masyarakat ini nantinya dilengkapi dengan sertifikat bagi peserta pelatihan, angket peserta, bukti dokumentasi pelaksanaan program pelatihan yang terunggah di Youtube, artikel media massa online serta artikel jurnal.
Community Development Journal: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat 4 (2), 62-70, 2023
2023 Critical Environmental Education: The Urgency of Critical Consciousnesses, Intersubjective Communication, and Deliberative Democracy of Environmental Citizenship.
This article reviews critical pedagogy challenges, opportunities, and limitations in paying attention to environmental issues and crises. Predisaster efforts in preventing and overcoming environmental damage and crime can be pursued through environmental education at all levels, from primary education to higher education. There is a need to revisit the foundation and orientation of environmental education with a willingness to critically read the development framework, which is often full of paradoxes and ambivalence. Educators can facilitate and limit and inhibit by neutralizing the socio-political dimension of environmental issues. Current practice has invited to care for the environment but has not fostered critical environmental citizenship through strengthening intersubjective communication and deliberative democracy. Through critical pedagogy, students' voices as a language of opportunity, hope, and possibility can be built on trust, dialogue, and empowerment towards a better socio-ecological transformation. The involvement of students as
Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) 20 (3), 2023
Keterbatasan praktik pembelajaran berbasis aktivitas dan berorientasi produk/karya selama pandemi Covid 19 dapat difasilitasi melalui kegiatan praktek percobaan sederhana menanam tanaman hidroponik. Kegiatan pengabdian masyarakat ini dikemas melalui pelatihan online melalui platform zoom web meeting selama tiga sesi yang meliputi sesi pemaparan materi pelatihan, praktik mandiri percobaan menanam hidroponik teknik wick system, dan refleksi dan rencana tindak lanjut. Kegiatan ini diikuti para siswa Sekolah Dasar (SD) beserta pendamping yang tersebar di dua Daerah Kota/Kabupaten di Jawa Timur meliputi Kota Surabaya, Kabupaten Sidoarjo dengan karakteristik peserta yang memiliki keterbatasan lahan untuk penanaman hidroponik. Tahap praktik percobaan dilakukan mulai dari penyemaian hingga pembibitan dengan memanfaatkan paket pelatihan berupa starkit serta modul pendampingan menanam hidroponik. Berdasarkan refleksi dan tindak lanjut dari kegiatan ini sangat membantu untuk mengembangkan kemandirian belajar, kerjasama siswa dan orangtua, serta dapat menjadi aktivitas alternatif untuk diterapkan di rumah di lingkungan sekitar dan di sekolah selama masa pandemi.
Transformasi dan Inovasi: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat 3 (1), 1-6, 2023