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2018 Building an online community: Student teachers’ perceptions on the advantages of using social networking services in a teacher education program
This inquiry examined student teachers' perceptions on the advantages of using Social Networking Services (SNS) in an English teacher education program at a public university in Jambi, Indonesia to ease the communication, supervision, discussion, and report submissions between supervisors and student teachers. The networking types included in the program are Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, and Google Form. The method of the research was qualitative through using focus group discussions as the technique of collecting data involving forty-two student teachers. We organized our analysis and discussion around their perceptions and the contexts in which the advantages they perceived emerge. The analyses of the texts revealed that two salient themes with their sub-themes related to the advantages of using Social Networking Services (SNS) in a teacher education program were social interaction (peer discussion and platform to interact with supervisors or lecturers) and learning motivation and experience supports (self-directed learning, promotes critical thinking, content engagement). Some pedagogical and social implications are also discussed.
Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education 19 (1), 46-61, 2018
2018 The implementation of assessment model based on character building to improve students' discipline and achievement
The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of implementing the assessment model based on character building to improve discipline and student's achievement. Assessment model based on character building includes three components, which are the behaviour of students, the efforts, and student's achievement. This assessment model based on the character building is implemented in science philosophy and educational assessment courses, in Graduate Program of Educational Technology Department, Educational Faculty, Universitas Negeri Surabaya. This research used control group pre-test and post-test design. Data collection method used in this research were observation and test. The observation was used to collect the data about the disciplines of the student in the instructional process, while the test was used to collect the data about student's achievement. Moreover, the study applied t …
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 296 (The Consortium …, 2018
2018 Cyberwellness Learning Resources (CLR) Access Content Filter As Dangerous and Learning Network On the Internet
Educating the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the teaching has become a commitment and an important goal in all courses at the State University of Malang. The era of innovative and ICT-based learning has changed the way teachers and students interact, and now teaches the method in one direction, with non-Internet learning resources cannot provide maximum learning outcomes for student learning. Application cyberwellness learning resources have the ability to learn resource management filter harmful content on student access and replace them with learning resources specific to students in the Educational Technology State University of Malang. Learning model using management information system with the concept of continuous, convergence, and concentric. Method development model CLR development using models Davidson-Shivers and Rasmussen (2007) and …
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 288 (1), 012017, 2018
2015 The pedagogic beliefs of Indonesian teachers in inclusive schools
This research explores, for the first time, the pedagogical orientations of Indonesian teachers in the context of inclusive education. A mixed-method approach was used for an analysis of questionnaire data from 140 teachers and qualitative interviews from 20 teachers in four inclusive schools. The findings suggest that, in general, the implicit orientation of teachers is social constructivist. This orientation is also reflected in their reported classroom practices. Although less common, more directive pedagogical approaches appear to have an impact upon the flexibility of roles within two teacher inclusive classrooms. Whilst the number of disabled pupils within each class was a significant issue for interviewees, no pupils were deemed unteachable in their classrooms. Furthermore, what is described by the teachers as a “special pedagogy” typically entailed additional teaching time and modified assessments, and …
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education 62 (5), 469-485, 2015
2011 Bringing Agency Back In: Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia
This article highlights how, in pursuing their goals, Indonesian female migrant workers exercised their agency by coping with the challenges of life and work in Saudi Arabia. Due to the lack of legal protection of their rights in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, many such workers suffer various forms of exploitation and maltreatment by actors who took advantage of them. This study examines how three Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia adapted to an alien environment, overcame problems in the workplace, and negotiated with their employers. This study reveals that these women were not passive victims of the existing social system; they were capable of exercising their agency.
Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 20 (3-4), 479-502, 2011
2022 Cultural-Friendly Counselling and Guidance in the Scope of Elementary School: A Case in Indonesia
Purpose The purpose of the current study is to examine that how teachers and other school personnel are experimenting with counseling and developing cross-cultural relationships with kids at SD Namira, Indonesia. Design/methodology/approach The current study preferred qualitative method to examine the relationship. While using qualitative method, the current study investigated the implementation of culturally sensitive counseling at SD Namira in Kraksaan Probolinggo, Indonesia. Finally, data collection is carried out by using focus group discussions (FGD).
Eurasian Journal of Educational Research 99 (99), 313-326, 2022
2022 Evaluating storytelling activities for early literacy development
This study reports on the effectiveness of an organised set of storytelling activities that aimed to enhance early literacy development. There were three conditions in the study. In the control condition, regular literacy development activities took place. In one experimental condition, the set of activities included oral storytelling. In the other experimental condition, the activities included digital storytelling. Participants were 59 four- to five-year-old children from three kindergarten classrooms, and the intervention lasted 6 weeks. Children were assessed before and after the intervention for their early literacy skills development using two standardised tests and one non-standardised test. The results on the standardised tests showed that there was equally strong literacy development in all conditions. On the non-standardised post-test, the children in the experimental conditions did better than the control group. The …
International Journal of Early Years Education 30 (4), 679-696, 2022
Commuter workers' primary mode of transportation in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area is still dominated by private vehicles (73.26 percent). The number of passengers on public transportation is recorded at 26.74 percent. It indicates that public transportation has not fully accommodated commuter activities, even though it has been strategized for an environmentally friendly mode. This paper analyzes the modal shifting of transport from private to public transport and the influencing factors. This research recommends the urgency of urban dwellers to use public transportation. The study used biner logistic regression analysis. The results showed commuter workers in Jakarta Metropolitan Area switched from private vehicles to public transportation. Most commuter workers are more likely to keep using personal vehicles. Factors that affect the willingness not to change modes from private cars to public transportation commuter workers include gender, income, work, Mileage, and travel time.
Planning Malaysia 20, 2022
2022 Android-Based Digital Library Application Development.
Digital technology has enabled the dissemination of all types of information, replacing traditional formats with automated systems. As a result of the development of digital technology, the library has also entered a new era, which is then called the digital library era. Digital library is considered as one form of modern library where the dependence will be on modern technology in the conversion of information and data to digital formats to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in storing and processing information and then transmitting it. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to develop an Android-Based Digital Library Application at the Department of Education Management, State University of Surabaya. This study uses the research and development method proposed by Borg and Gall by applying the nine stages. The results of this study indicate that the development of an Android-Based Digital Library …
International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies 16 (11), 2022
2021 Cybergogy as a Digital Media to Facilitate The Learning Style of Millennial College Students
This research was aimed to test the effectiveness of cmaterials in improving the learning of the students. The development method used in this research is the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development or Production, Implementation or Delivery, and Evaluation) model. The subjects in this developmental research are the lecturers of the educational technology department as media experts, the lecturers of the nonformal education department as the subject expert, and the students of the nonformal education department of the academic year 2018 as the users. The specification of the innovative product to be developed is augmented reality as a digital media in learning the family education subject. The result of the research that AR-based digital learning materials have gained excellent results as it has proven to help students in learning effectively. The average score in the experimental group after participating in learning with Augmented Reality media, the average score was improved to 92,55.
World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues (WJET) 13 (2), 223-235, 2021