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2019 The effectiveness of PO2E2W learning model on natural science learning to improve problem solving skills of primary school students
The PO2E2W learning model (problem oriented, observation, explanation, orientation, and write in science) is a self-regulated learning-oriented learning model that is designed to improve problem-solving skills. The purpose of this study is to analyse the effectiveness of PO2E2W learning model on natural science learning to change the problemsolving skills of primary school students. This research used one group pre-test and post-test design in fourth grade students of academic year 2017/2018. Students' problem-solving skills were measured by using Problem-Solving Skills Assessment Sheet (PSSAS) and Student Response Questionnaire. The indicators of problem-solving skills include representing the problems, developing solutions, justifying proposed solutions, and evaluating the solutions. The data analysis technique used Paired test, n-gain, and Independent test. The results of the study prove that:(1 …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1157 (3), 032017, 2019
2019 Development of education game media for xii multimedia class students in vocational school
According to the results of interviews with teachers it is known that students experience difficulties in understanding action script material. This is because this material has a high level of complexity, it is proven that only 30% of students are able to achieve the learning objectives. This study aims to produce educational game media in terms of the feasibility and effectiveness of the media. The development model used is ADDIE (analyze, design, development, implementation, evaluation). Methods of data collection using interview techniques, questionnaires, and tests. From this study the results are based on validation with material experts and media experts by getting a very good category, so that the media can be said to be suitable for use in learning. The results of the post-test value of the experimental class and the control class were analyzed using the t-test obtained by t count= 4.584> t table= 2.038 which is a …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1387 (1), 012117, 2019
2019 Conceptualization in solving a geometric-function problem: an effective and efficient process
There has been more than one the solving process of the problem sometimes. It has been named an open-ended context when related to an approach, and in this study, purposed to use a geometric-function problem for analyzing each process that was experienced a student when they were conceptualizing the completion. Three students purposively who was a sample is registered by the senior high school in a science program at the region of West Jakarta, Indonesia. Student solved the problem in this explorative study, there were two choices of completion ways, technical or conceptual, but they used the procedural technique operational. Two conceptualizing process in solving the problem, it was constructing the algebraic representation of the function and organizing concepts. But, there is only one between the other where was effective and efficient of the process based on the perspective of the management …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1315 (1), 012004, 2019
2018 Development of Adiwiyata curriculum model based on local wisdom
This research aimed to develop a curriculum model of Adiwiyata based on local wisdom in elementary school, Palu City, Indonesia. The research method used the ADDIE development model, which includes five stages: Analysis-Design-Development-Implementation-Evaluation. Data collection techniques used were interviews, observation and documentation. Data analysis used a mixed method. This research resulted in production of a manual containing curriculum, syllabus, lesson plan and Adiwiyata assessment indicator that contains environmental education and local wisdom. This model of Adiwiyata curriculum can be disseminated to schools considering local wisdom education.
AIP Conference Proceedings 2019 (1), 030012, 2018
2018 Measuring psychometric properties of the Indonesian version of the NoMoPhobia Questionnaire (NMPQ): Insight from Rasch measurement tool
Mobile phone and human interaction can be a problematic mental health issue for individuals. Several studies have developed the instruments and/or psychologist scale to identify these problems. This study was designed to translated and validate by measuring psychometric properties of NoMoPhobia Questionnaire (NMPQ) on Indonesian version. The study used survey method and collected from March to May 2018 and involved 520 Indonesian participants. In this study Rasch Model was used to measure the psychometrics properties of the 20 items of the Indonesian version of NMPQ. The results of this study showed that the Indonesian version of NMPQ fulfilled by evidence as a valid and robust research instrument because of its psychometric properties and internal consistencies. The implications of this research NMPQ can be accepted by the researchers for data collection or information linked to the problem …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1114 (1), 012127, 2018
2018 The Use of Web Technologies for Practice Based Learning Model in Vocational Education: A Literature Review
Practice-based learning model is about to making the learning environment as realistic as possible and requires students to demonstrate what they know to link theory and practice. The nature of web technologies such as user centered, flexibility, mobility and multimedia capability are the key features that make web technology as a potential match for practice based learning. Our objectives were to identify the use of web technologies for practice based learning model in vocational education and to summarize strengths and limitations identified in the literature. The research methodology for this study was to review published studies and research on practice-based learning and web technologies in vocational education, the range of which included literature reviews and empirical research. We searched for the term
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1108 (1), 012129, 2018
2018 Developing Media Module Proposed to Editor in Editorial Division
In this era of technology in Indonesia, various publishers introduce themselves and participate in advancing the quality of education through the publication of various books as the learning sources. One of the publishers is PT. JP Press. In compiling the learning sources, we found some problems that are left unresolved by the editor. The purpose of this research is to overcome the problems that exist in PT. JP Press by developing media module. This development research uses the ADDIE model. The types of data used in this study are qualitative and quantitative data obtained based on the results of structured interviews with material experts and media experts, as well as the editorial response questionnaire provided for individual try-out and small group try-out. Therefore, it can be concluded that the medium of elementary school supplementary module proposed to the editors of PT. JP Press is valuable to be used …
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 947 (1), 012054, 2018
2018 Improving science process skills for primary school students through 5E instructional model-based learning
The main objective of this study is to describe the effectiveness of 5E instructional model-based learning to improve primary school students' science process skills. The science process skills is important for students as it is the foundation for enhancing the mastery of concepts and thinking skills needed in the 21 st century. The design of this study was experimental involving one group pre-test and post-test design. The result of this study shows that (1) the implementation of learning in both of classes, IVA and IVB, show that the percentage of learning implementation increased which indicates a better quality of learning and (2) the percentage of students' science process skills test results on the aspects of observing, formulating hypotheses, determining variable, interpreting data and communicating increased as well.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 947 (1), 012021, 2018
Based on the Curriculum 2013, which applied in Indonesia since 2013, the Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) Department as an institution to product the elementary school teachers need to adjust their course materials with the goal of students have the competence as a candidate for a ready-made education in the field. One of the specific objectives of this research is to design Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Materials Indonesian Education in Beginning Elementary School Course at the PGSD Department. This research was conducted by three stages, namely (1) the analysis of material needs Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Course Materials Indonesian Classroom Education Elementary School Early on PGSD Programs;(2) designing an Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Materials Indonesian Education in Beginning Elementary School Course at the PGSD Programs; and (3) test efektivity Integrated Collaborative Indonesian, science, and social studies learning as Materials Indonesian Education in Beginning Elementary School Course at the PGSD Department. Data collection techniques include:(1) observation,(2) tests,(3) Distribution of the questionnaire, and (4) Interview. The research instrument consisted of:(1) Test,(2) Observation Sheet,(3) Questionnaire, and (4) Interview Guidelines. Data from this study were Analyzed by descriptive statistics, such as (1) Analysis of Test and (2) Observation Results Data Analysis. The result of this research is description the needs analysis Integrated Collaborative …
Man In India 96 (11), 4715-4727, 0
Pesantren plays an essential role in meeting Indonesia's national education goals. Pesantren-based school is developed to achieve excellence to improve the quality of education. This study aims to analyze the policies implemented by two pesantren schools in Jombang, Indonesia, to gain one of the schools' goals: creating students with good academic abilities and religion-based morality. This research applies qualitative methods with a case study approach, and the data collection process uses interviews and observation. The analysis is based on Lezotte’s seven correlates of effective schools. The results show that the policies' implementation integrated religion, science, and technology in the learning process. In other words, the two schools well implemented the seven correlates which resulted in the achievement of the school’s goal. The students in the two pesantren schools possessed high academic ability and good Islamic morality.
resmilitaris 13 (1), 191-203, 2023