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2018 Supporting Literacy and Digital Literacy Development in Early Childhood Education Using Storytelling Activities
Educators have increasingly adopted formalized approaches for teaching literacy skills in early childhood education. In line with an emergent critique of this approach, the present study investigated the design and effectiveness of a literacy intervention that blended Gagné’s nine events of instructional design with storytelling. Three classes in a public preschool in Indonesia participated in an experimental study involving 45 children, aged 5–6 years. Across 3 weeks, one experimental condition received storytelling activities and a second experimental condition received digital storytelling activities. The control condition received regular literacy classroom activities. Before, and after, the 3-week storytelling intervention, measures of literacy and digital literacy skills were administered to all groups. In the digital storytelling condition, children’s literacy skills increased significantly compared to children in the …
International Journal of Early Childhood, 2018
2014 Teachers' attitudes to signing for children with severe learning disabilities in Indonesia
The Indonesian education system is striving for an inclusive approach and techniques are needed which can support children with severe learning disabilities and their peers in this context. Manually signed language has proved useful both in supporting the development and empowerment of children with severe learning disabilities and supporting inclusive educational practices. The development of an Indonesian signed language approach for this purpose is therefore argued to be an appropriate goal. There is evidence that the use of signed language within classrooms is significantly influenced by teacher attitudes and beliefs. This paper examines the attitudes towards such an approach based on semi-structured interviews with 20 teachers in 7 schools in East Java and questionnaire responses from 69 teachers and educational professionals more widely located across Indonesia. The results suggest that …
International Journal of Inclusive Education 18 (11), 1143-1161, 2014
2022 The Effect of Instructional Leadership and Creative Teaching on Student Actualization: Student Satisfaction as a Mediator Variable.
This research was carried out to determine the effect of instructional leadership and creative teaching as the main aspects in maximizing student input and potential, in order to achieve learning satisfaction and self-actualization for the educational success of students. The research examines the effect of principal instructional leadership and teaching creativity on self-actualization and its impact on student satisfaction. Across sectional study was used to determine the relationship between exogenous and endogenous variables. Respondents were 307 students on Madrasah Aliyah and Al-Kamal Kebumen Islamic Vocational High Schools, Indonesia. Data was collected using a questionnaire consisting of 4 indicators representing each variable. The research data was analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM) with the AMOS application. Out of 5 proposed hypotheses, 1 was rejected because of not fulfilling the Critical Ratio (CR) value > 1.96 and the p-value <0.05 criteria. The
International Journal of Instruction 15 (1), 113-134, 2022
2021 Collaborative Problem based learning integrated with online learning
The development of science and technology during the Covid-19 pandemic re-quires universities to prepare their students to have collaborative and problem-solving skills through appropriate learning today, namely, integrating learning with online technology. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of im-plementing collaborative problem-based learning (CPBL) integrated with online learning on student collaborative and problem-solving skills. The research meth-od used was quantitative with a post-test quasi-experimental design involving fourth-semester students in the Early Childhood Education Study Program, Uni-versitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, Indonesia. The effectiveness of implementing CPBL integrated with online learning was analyzed primarily using the t-independent sample test. The study results showed that the implementation of CPBL integrated with online learning effectively improved …
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 16 (13), 29-39, 2021
2018 Developing Signalong Indonesia: issues of happiness and pedagogy, training and stigmatisation
Signalong Indonesia (SI), a key word signing approach, was created to support the development of Indonesian inclusive schools. A mixed methods approach collected data about teacher’s beliefs and experiences regarding SI from the first two schools to pilot it. Thirty-two teachers completed questionnaires, followed by interviews with nine teachers. Three themes emerged: understanding the nature of SI, the stigmatisation of signers and its reporting by teachers, and the nature of happiness in inclusive pedagogy. The latter reveals, for the first time, the importance of Suka as a culturally mediated intrinsic part of Indonesian inclusive pedagogy. The findings suggest recommendations about SI materials and training, and indicate a new research area regarding inclusive pedagogies within different cultures.
International Journal of Inclusive Education 22 (5), 543-559, 2018
2021 Development of Codeigniter-Based E-Office Applications
The development of information technology has an impact on the emergence of various types of activities based on technology, such as e-government, e-commerce, e-education, e-medicine, e-laboratory, and others, all of which are electronic based. Therefore, an information system is needed by an organization or agency so that the work carried out becomes effective and efficient because it is regulated by a system. The e-office application is a web-based application designed to handle the management of electronic correspondence and has a special function to record all correspondence activities that enter and exit from outside the agency. This research aims to; (1) facilitate office employees in managing administration at the Al-Huda Kediri Foundation; (2) to determine the feasibility of using this e-office application for office employees at the Al-Huda Kediri Foundation. The expected results of this research will be …
2021 3rd International Conference on Research and Academic Community …, 2021
2021 Online Self and Peer Assessment Instrument Development as e-Material of Instructional Design Online Courses
Instructional design competencies need to be considered for teacher education study program students as prospective learning designers. The teaching of instructional design is still being researched to find the best practices to be mastered maximally by prospective teacher students, especially during distance learning through e-learning. Likewise in this study, the results of the needs analysis show that there must be a solution that can maximize the mastery of instructional design by maximizing the active involvement of students through e-learning. From this need, the research objectives were formulated to develop and test the product of online self and peer assessment instructional designs instruments as e-learning material. The product has been successfully developed and has been tested for its feasibility in terms of validity, reliability, and practicality to experts and users. The results received a positive …
2021 7th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET), 11-18, 2021
2020 The Effectiveness of Augmented Reality-Based Board Game as Learning Media in Comprehending Family Functions Concept
This study aims at observing the effectiveness of augmented reality-based learning media in facilitating students in understanding family functions concept. This study used a quantitative approach with one group of pretest-posttest. The respondents were 115 students majoring at Non-Formal Education (PLS) who were chosen using a quota sampling technique. The data collected in the form of scores, which were then analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. The study results showed that augmented realitybased board game as a learning media is very effective in increasing students' mastery level of the family functions concept. The finding is confirmed by students' scores showing the pre-test score of 61.82 compared to the post-test results that are 77.63, with significance (sig.) as high as 0.001 <; 0.05. The difference is described by the calculation of the T-test where t count 3.486 > t table 1 …
2020 6th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET), 102-108, 2020
2020 Osing culture-based empowerment of the millennials in Sapu Jagad studio Banyuwangi Indonesia
Communities, particularly the millennials, are the main actors in development, thus empowerment-based education is needed. Similar condition also applies for community groups whose survival depends on education. In order for the community to carry out its existential role, the young generation must continue to ingrain the community’s cultural values, knowledge, and skills. This study was aimed at describing the implementation of millennial empowerment based on Osing tribe culture in Sapu Jagad Sanggar, Kemiren Village, Banyuwangi. The research used participant observation method, in-depth interviews and documentation of cultural activist millennials, village elders and leaders in Sapu Jagad studio. The results of this study show that millennial generation greatly values the traditional art of the Osing tribe and wish to continue the preservation of their culture. This motivation is not only fostered by nationalism spirit, but also the philosophical values contained in every movement, dance, song, and ceremony that reflects the values of life.
International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 24 (3), 2523-2533, 2020
2020 Using Electronic Design Automation and Guided Inquiry Learning Model in Higher Engineering Education
Electronic design automation software is a part of software learning. This study uses digital electronic circuit design software as learning media, namely, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), in the form of simulations and a guided inquiry learning model in higher engineering education. The device is a type of multimedia, because it involves graphics, animation, and text as external data. The software facilitates the learning process of cadets using the guided inquiry learning model. Given its accessibility, mobile learning has its own advantages. This study uses quantitative data with a type of quasi-experimental research. The sample consists of 100 cadets in the engineering study program. Results show that the model can improve the learning process of cadets in the air digital engineering program subject, in which the implementation of the model has been integrated into a special theme from the test scores and results of cadets. An effect is observed on the use of the EDA and guided inquiry model to the learning outcome and motivation of cadets in engineering education. The researchers concluded that the implementation of EDA and the guided inquiry model are effective. In addition, it provides benefits for practitioners and educators in improving the learning outcomes and motivation of cadets in engineering education.
Universal Journal of Educational Research 8 (7), 2946-2953, 2020