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2022 Consuming nanogold and nanosilver nanomaterials to increase self-efficacy and spirituality for cancer volunteers
Cancer is a deadly disease and the second leading cause of death in the world. This study examines the success of nanogold and nanosilver nanomaterials in increasing self-efficacy and spirituality in cancer volunteers. This research method uses quantitative and qualitative approaches. This study uses an experimental design with the type of research design is a one-group pre-test-post-test design. This study involved ten volunteers at the Indonesian Cancer Museum. Data was obtained using questionnaires, in-depth interviews, observation and documentation. The experimental design in the study is used to determine the results of giving a treatment or treatment. The results showed that consuming nanogold and nanosilver nanomaterials could increase the self-efficacy and spirituality of cancer volunteers. Physiological characteristics of cancer volunteers have high confidence to recover. Psychological …
Revista Latinoamericana de Hipertension 17 (1), 70-74, 2022
2022 Low Self-Esteem, Coping Stress, Emotional Regulation, and Coping Stress Significantly Increase Self-Injury in Students
Self-injury in students should be avoided. As a foundation for developing a self-injury prevention program, it is vital to identify the elements that induce self-injury. This study aims to assess the effect of self-esteem, coping with stress, emotional regulation, and self-compassion on self-injury, as well as the coefficient of determination and regression model. The study included forty junior high school students who had self-injured. Various scales were tested, including the self-esteem scale, coping stress scale, emotion regulation scale, self-compassion scale, and self-injury scale. A multiple regression test was used to analyze the data with SPSS 26. Self-esteem (X1), coping stress (X2), emotional control (X3), and self-compassion (X4) all contributed 65.5 percent to self-injury (Y). School counselors must enhance self-esteem, coping with stress, emotional regulation, and self-compassion in students to prevent self-injury.
Revista de Psicología del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology) 31 (2), 285-296, 2022
2022 Cultural-Friendly Counselling and Guidance in the Scope of Elementary School: A Case in Indonesia
Purpose The purpose of the current study is to examine that how teachers and other school personnel are experimenting with counseling and developing cross-cultural relationships with kids at SD Namira, Indonesia. Design/methodology/approach The current study preferred qualitative method to examine the relationship. While using qualitative method, the current study investigated the implementation of culturally sensitive counseling at SD Namira in Kraksaan Probolinggo, Indonesia. Finally, data collection is carried out by using focus group discussions (FGD).
Eurasian Journal of Educational Research 99 (99), 313-326, 2022
Commuter workers' primary mode of transportation in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area is still dominated by private vehicles (73.26 percent). The number of passengers on public transportation is recorded at 26.74 percent. It indicates that public transportation has not fully accommodated commuter activities, even though it has been strategized for an environmentally friendly mode. This paper analyzes the modal shifting of transport from private to public transport and the influencing factors. This research recommends the urgency of urban dwellers to use public transportation. The study used biner logistic regression analysis. The results showed commuter workers in Jakarta Metropolitan Area switched from private vehicles to public transportation. Most commuter workers are more likely to keep using personal vehicles. Factors that affect the willingness not to change modes from private cars to public transportation commuter workers include gender, income, work, Mileage, and travel time.
Planning Malaysia 20, 2022
2021 The Accessible IT for the Courses on the Special Education Undergraduate Program.
Students can learn through printed teaching materials, audio and video programs, weblogs, and or other media based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Yet, educators still play an essential role in designing every learning activity. This research aims to produce a prototype of the product development of accessible IT teaching materials for Special Education undergraduate program students. This research applied the ADDEM design model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Deliver, Evaluate, and Maintenance). Results were gathered by examining the feasibility on aspects of efficacy and practicality of the developed product. Data were analyzed quantitatively by looking at the results of the validity and practicality test. The results of the validity test from the validators showed that all of the assessment items got a good rating of 3.0, in contrast the results of the practicality test, which was done by undergraduate students showed that there was an improvement on the score of the
World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues 13 (1), 96-105, 2021
2020 The development of a theory book and practice manual for solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) counseling
This development research adapted the Borg and Gall’s model (1983) with the primary objective to develop and test the effectiveness of the product. Products that were developed on this study, including (1) SFBT counselling theory books;(2) SFBT counselling practise manuals; and (3) SFBT counselling competency measurement instruments. The rationale for developing this product is based on several reasons including (1) empirically SFBT is effective in overcoming psychological problems;(2) SFBT can be used as an alternative method of counselling to overcome students' psychological problems;(3) School counsellors need to master SFBT counselling competencies adequately; and (4) the limited sources of theoretical reference books and SFBT counselling practice manuals that can be used as learning materials for increasing SFBT counselling competence. This study was done in three stages, which included predevelopment, development, and post-development. The first year of research focused on pre-development and development. The postdevelopment stage in the form of product effectiveness testing is carried out in the second year. The preliminary stage has been carried out in a preliminary study, in the form of a theory book content framework, a framework for the contents of the SFBT counselling practice manual, and the SFBT counselling competency instrument. At the development stage, the product has been developed and product validation by experts and users. Based on expert validation and user validation, it was concluded that the development research products which included SFBT theory books. SFBT practice manuals …
International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 13 (2), 421-434, 2020
2023 Self-Efficacy on School Counselors in Delivering Middle School Student’s Majoring Assistance
Counselors take a long time to manually make recommendations for students regarding this matter. Considering the limitations, both mastery of this technology, self-efficacy of the counselors are expected to be able to demonstrate performance and effort in helping students. This study aims to describe the self-efficacy of school counselors in carrying out their duties to provide majoring assistance for junior high school students. This research used qualitative exploratory methods. Data were collected using interview methods to all the school counselors coupled with observation of the activities of counselors and students. The analysis adopted is a triangulation analysis technique and the results of the report will be made thematically. The results of this study indicate that the self-efficacy of school counselors comes from the performance and efforts of counselors in providing major services in schools. Self-efficacy in counselors shows successful performance, through the following stages:(1) providing information;(2) data collection;(3) placement and allocate majoring;(4) monitoring and action;(5) majoring recommendation. It can be known that the major in-service is in accordance with operational guidelines for the implementation of guidance and counseling in junior high school. However, it still needs improvement efforts by school counselors so that all 9th graders who are declared graduated to get a recommendation of majoring.
Unima International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (UNICSSH …, 2023
Budaya menjadi salah satu faktor krusial pendorong terjadinya pernikahan dini di kalangan remaja, karena itu pemberian edukasi pencegahan pernikahan dini dengan menyisipkan muatan budaya lokal menjadi agenda penting yang harus dilaksanakan pada remaja, khususnya di kabupaten Gresik yang belakangan angka perceraian dan pernikahan dininya meningkat. Tujuan utama dari kegiatan edukasi ini ialah meningkatkan pemahaman para remaja terkait bahaya dan dampak negatif dari pernikahan dini. Pelaksanaan kegiatan dilaksanakan secara luring selama sehari melalui diskusi kelompok terfokus dengan melibatkan konselor dan 29 siswa di salah satu SMA swasta Gresik. Sedangkan untuk media penyampaian edukasi menggunakan power-point dan video pendek bertema dampak negatif pernikahan dini bagi remaja. Dari hasil pre-test dan post-test, diketahui bahwa kegiatan edukasi pencegahan pernikahan dini berbasis budaya di kalangan remaja dapat meningkatkan pemahaman siswa sebesar 2, 79 poin terhadap bahaya dan dampak pernikahan dini dalam perencanaan karier siswa di masa mendatang.Abstract: Culture is one of the crucial factors driving the occurrence of early marriages among adolescents, therefore providing early marriage prevention education by inserting local cultural content is an important agenda that must be carried out for adolescents, especially in the Gresik district, where recently the number of divorces and early marriages has increased. The main objective of this educational activity is to increase the youth's understanding of the dangers and negative impacts of early marriage. The activities …
JMM (Jurnal Masyarakat Mandiri) 7 (1), 566-573, 2023
This Community Service aims to increase the competence of counseling teachers or counselors in applying the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by providing theoretical and practical material for mastering EFT procedures. Theoretical material includes the basic concepts of therapy, therapeutic goals, therapeutic procedures, therapist and client relationships, therapeutic techniques, and indicators of therapeutic success. Community Service is carried out through guided training and facilitating trials of the application of EFT therapy to school counselors. Activity partners include 40 counselors representing the junior high, high school, and vocational schools in the Lamongan district, East Java. The pre-test and post-test results showed an increase from the pre-test average score of 49 to the post-test average score of 62.
Transformasi dan Inovasi: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat 3 (1), 19-22, 2023
2023 Pembelajaran Sentra Pasar Dalam Menstimulasi Perkembangan Sosial Emosional Anak Usia Dini
This research is aimed to analyze the social and emotional development of young learners. It is necessary for balancing the cognitive aspects. Market day centers can be conducted at an early age in order to give them choices in their life instead of only focusing on cognitive aspects. Besides, it supports social and emotional development. Through this method, the entrepreneurship is introduced in basic level. The social emotional aspects learned in this methods are:(1) being calm during the turn (2) being patient in price agreement (3) accepting the agreement. The quantitative approach was used, namely Quasi Experimental with a nonequivalent control group model. Data collection was conducted through observation and documentation for secondary data. In line with the aim of the research, the result showed that there was a significant difference between the experiment and control group after the treatment. The experiment group became calm during the turn, showed more independence, and respected their peers eg price agreement. In conclusion, this method was able to stimulate the social and emotional development in group B Prima Cendekia Kindergarten Islamic School in Grogol, Kediri, Indonesia
EDUKASIA: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran 4 (1), 213-220, 2023