International Forum Webinar BEM FIP UNESA The role of education in era society 5.0 Era

Student Executive Board at Faculty of Education Universitas Negeri Surabaya held the international forum on the theme “The Role of Education In The 5.0 Era” on Thursday August 12, 2021 through the zoom meeting application. The international forum also featured presentations of articles from eight each department of FIP Unesa. After every speakers have delivered the material, participants were separated into 4 breakouts room to follow the articles presentation from representatives every student of the departments. This international forum aims to provide insight and knowledge of the change of industrial 4.0 revolution to the society 5.0 era, to bring about the technological innovation that can be applied in learning to the society 5.0 era, also to enable student mindset and civility to succeed in the society 5.0 era.

In the face of the society 5.0 era, education have important role in improving the quality of human resources. Therefore, to handle the society 5.0 era would require an educational paradigm shift in the educational unit. Such as educators must to minimize the role of learning material providers, educators becoming inspirations for creativity’s student, educators as facilitators, tutors, and good learners that motivate student to “Free Learning”.

There are two important character a student should have to face the society 5.0 era, there are adaptive and competence. Some of the necessary preparations can be made through technological innovation in learning, prepare the campus to accept challenges and opportunities in the society 5.0 era, and prepare student mindset for success in the society 5.0 era. Therefore, this international forum is expected that students have ideas of how to deal with the challenges and opportunities of the campus at the 5.0 society era. This forum not only brought a variety of innovations, tips, and tricks to prepare for an education in the 5.0 era society, but they are also able to realize the innovation very well.

This international forum was presided over by rizka rahmawati and was conducted by moderator Dr. Irena Maureen. The international forum will be held at 12.45-16.45 p.m with listing of 1.349 participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Iraq. This activity was welcomed by Dr. Mochammad Nursalim, M. Si (Dean of FIP UNESA), he is very appreciated BEM FIP UNESAs ability to carry out the international forum for the first time, as same as unesa wishes that we can carry on many others international events. This international forum invite several speaker, some of them are:

1. Asst.Prof Rauf Kareem Mahmood, Ph.D (Dean of College of Languages, University of Human Development Sulaymaniyah, Irak)

2. Faizzur Rahmatin (Student at Universitas Negeri Suabaya)

3. Neni Mariana, S.Pd., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Lecturer of Universitas Negeri Suabaya)

4. Suwit Sriwarom (Student at Faculty of Education, Khonkaen University, Thailand)

The main obstacle to this international forum are unprepared commite to set up e-certificate links because too many participants have signed up and time line setting always change from the previous plan because we adjusted spreaker’s schedule. Having this international forum of pleasure cannot happen without flaws, therefore any criticism and suggestions from all sides we need for better next events. Thank you for all your attention dear, and we offer our sincerest apologies for any defects. May Allah always bless us.